I should hev realized early on how u feel me ..
but I’m really in blinded by my own feelings!
fool I keep forcing my feelings ..
until d’ end I really hev 2 know urself ..
I hev stirred ur deys, make a fuss, bother … I’m sorry, my attitude was so great to have u .. although not supposed 2 luph like that …
Huniii ..
bye ..
I just want u 2 be happy …
though my heart’s not in ur heart ..
keep my luph 4 u ..
Love ..
I willingly let u go …
and even though meiiy dey was going 2 get hurt ..
I will remain here for u ..
beibh ..
if tomorrow, there’r hearts that offers u ..
convincing sense of yuuw, that u be not one vote ..
causse I don’t want u to feel d’ pain as I feel ..
enough to me! which dissolve in an uncertain sense of this ..
fool ourselves on compulsion …
forces retaliated with a perfect love even more than I wanted!
^ _ ^ but I still enjoy this wound ..
This is the sense of a truly beautiful ..
I hope this’s remains pure ..
This true even unrequited accordance Looking …
Fixed for you ..
in a mournful rain …

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