Dusk Demands Widd One Million Love

Dusk demands widd One Million Love
Just try to not selfish …
although sometimes think that says it’s not fair ..
but every person is different …
-Force-would never produce anything!
except sheer disappointment ..
So learn to understand is the best solution although not entirely the right choice!
hehehe ..
unfortunately I was at the point of childish …
can’t put something in place ..
who still spoke on behalf of feelingg widouut ever measuring it in terms of logic!
Ironically, I tend 2 be disappointd 4 what isn’t in accordance wid meiy wishes!
I’m sorry that may indirectly have to tie u up!
Wants u 2 be what I want-selfish-
I was born a selfish person …
: ‘)
In fact I felt so guilty 4 all the trouble I’ve ever done to you .. but really, I never intend to use u, the slightest! I just feel that trouble is my way of expressing my love! but apparently I was wrong!
Hikzz why I always measure everything by myself … ?
I’m really sorry! 

Hmmm ..
If only ..
I really wanted to be like u, at least I could be more logic in this sense … yeah I want mediocre, as usual what you consider to be my anxiety and sadness. but as u say ‘be yourself’ ..
:) A good suggestion, but you know what? either, or whatever circumstances which forced me 2 be u guys: ‘(
I’m tired of feeling all this, feeling completely erratic!
n finally I decided to strengthen my heart even though I realize that still hurt me …
Acha Acha … .. lebayyy! ^ V ^

I’m not going 2 force u again …
Coz I’m really afraid of losing u …
Although beyond the limits have been missed, and although expectations have been in the fontanel.
I’m still in a position that can not be forced ..
Since d’ beginning I knew it ..
I who want u …!
Is it still rude of me to ask for more?
I think NOT!
Though whether it _LAST _ , just a mercy, inconvenience or whatever!
I know you never told me the same feeling …. had ENOUGH!
Now, once I tie d’ rope to u will I release. so u can slash widd freedom!
if d’ wings ‘r still theree n  it bothers maaiiy name ..
I’m sorry, coz it will stay there until ur namee is no longer in meiiy heart & I sure will need to delete all my life …

N one I begged …
if all that ever happens is coz d’ basic compassion or inconvenience ..
I want u to be honest widd me …
if you just feel sorry for me ..
coz really I don’t need it!
Even if I have loved u in silence, in mute and in my lonely ..

will never be a problem for me …! :’) ^ _ ^
: ‘)
Hmmm …
Indeed there is no reason to keep me ..
it is enough that I always reflect on the glass in d’ rum and in my heart ….
n from him I realized I was not physically beautiful no pretty heart ….
then if u later need to leverage ur wings ‘r more beautiful ..
I will be pleased …. ^ _ ^ 

Towards the middle of the night …
in a dark quiet …


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